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From tents and sleeping bags to survival accessories, we deliver across the UK and worldwide.

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Genuine Army Surplus stocks a wide selection of quality branded camping products, readily available to buy online. Whether you require a new tent, sleeping bag or essential equipment such as first aid, cookware or torches, you can be sure to find everything you need at our online camping store. 
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Camping,Bushcraft and survival equipment
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Basic camping essentials

If you're thinking of going on a camping trip, make sure you are equipped with the following basic camping essentials:
  • Tent and Tarps
  • Sleeping bags and mats
  • Cookwear
  • Torches
  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent
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Survival equipment for the extreme 

Are you planning on a more extreme outdoor adventure? Genuine Army Surplus have an excellent range of military survival accessories including:
  • Camouflage nets and hides
  • Hammocks,bashas and bivi bags
  • Knives and accessories
  • Fire starters and lighters
  • Hydration,stoves and Burners
  • Pocket first aid kits
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For the latest camping products and survival accessories in Darlington, the UK and Worldwide visit our online store or call our team on:
01325 481 366

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